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Hey guys - wicked a community for the fabulousness that is eurasianness :P

From Hong Kong - 1/2 Chinese, 1/2 english... speak Cantonese and English
LOVE Eason Chan and Faye Wong, Leon Lai, Edison Chen and Shaun Yue - I SHALL MARRY HIM MWAHAHA
Am 18, live in Perth, go to UWA doing Law/Arts, and aspire to go back to HK and become one of those rich yuppie bitches who work all day and go clubbing all night! :P

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Ello ello.

I'm Sara.
Perth, Western Australia.

I was born in Malaysia but migrated to Australia when I was 2 years old.
I'm Indian, Portuguese, Ceylonese, Dutch, Scandanavian and possibly German.
I'm told I have an American/Canadian accent.

Little bit of humour
Long, but pretty funny.

(What the hell is chipper, anyway?)
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Ha found this community randomly and thought I'd join for the hell of it. Well I'm half Japanese and half Finnish, alhtough there is a bit of russian in there too cos my mum is something like 3/4 finnish and 1/4 russian i think :P. I can speak japanese a bit but I'm getting crapper cos I'm not practicing it at all. Finnish I don't know anything except swear words lol.

omg... glowing vagina lolz?

Time to kick this little baby up the bottom methinks.

Rightio. Neen, Rizz, we still have to meet up and plan stuff.. like GOODIE BAGS! and badges! That say "I recruit Eurasians!" and "I'm Eurasian!" And "I'm an Honorary Eurasian!" And get together and eat Dim Sum and drink bubble tea whilst doing something distinctively.. 'Eur'-ry. No?

Any ideas from you others? What should we do? We're gonna try to start up a club in the UWA guild at first, if we can get the funding loan and stuff.. and it'll be the best goddamned mini-club the Unis have ever seen! EVER!


Hot Darn them other Eurasians.. they're HIDING from us. *shifty eyes*

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